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A brother's way to the road

you are perfect. ​ You are perfect. It's not a personality bug, that we like chocolate or pizza. In fact, it's a wonderful feature, an impressive feat of evolution. 

In ancient times, we developed a mechanism that identifies high-calorie foods as "tasty" foods. It contributed
for our survival. Everything has gone wrong in modern times. The modern world produces
Industrialized food rich in sugars, food that makes us eat more and more. Much
too much. Overeating leads to obesity, diseases, sleep disorders
and low energy.

You can give in, continue overeating and pay a heavy price.
It is also possible otherwise!

With the "Brother for the Way" method, we will understand the catch, we will understand that the fault is not ours and we will choose to walk the path
Other. A way of real change and liberation from the struggle. The way focuses
In important dimensions of eating: How do you eat, when do you eat and why?
,  And not in how many foods.
We will not count calories or hand out menus. Instead, we will practice principles
eating right. We will gradually remove foods that make it difficult for us to cope

And we will focus on a healthy, non-industrial diet. We will bring back the feeling of satiety
For life, without limiting quantities or relying on limited willpower.


In addition to the long-term benefits (reducing the risk of diabetes, clogging
arteries and other diseases) we will gain benefits in a short time:

  • weight loss

  • Improvement of the immune system

  • High and stable energy throughout the day

  • Better quality sleep

  • Improvement in health indicators


See you on the way!

The end to an endless weight struggle 

Let's walk another way. A way of real change and liberation from the ceaseless struggle. The way will focus on important dimensions of eating (how, when and why you eat)  And less in the standard questions of the diets (what and how much do you eat). We will not count calories, and we will not hand out menus, but we will practice principles.


We will gradually remove foods that make it difficult for us on the way, and focus on a healthy diet. A healthy and natural diet, and not processed food, will bring us back the "feeling of satiety" to life, without relying on the very limited willpower. 

It is impossible to eliminate the waffles in the coffee corner and keep the weight. In the natural way we will give them up without feeling missed. 

We will have a reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes, clogging of arteries, cancer and even dementia. However, the main profit is obtained quickly - an improved quality of life. Willpower works for a short time, but disappears In front of the fragrant pizza that the children ordered or the desserts at the wedding. Changing habits and switching to a healthy diet and physical activity will result in the reactivation of the physical mechanism of satiety so that we do not rely on willpower. 

Sugary food brings pleasure and fun in the immediate term, but also a very rapid drop in energy, and an immediate desire for more sugary food that is harmful to us! Other activities, which bring us pleasure, benefit our health and do not lead to an obsessive, uncontrollable need for repeated consumption. We will have experiences, enjoy talking with friends, a challenging tour, a new movie, good sex, and sports. A healthy diet, physical activity and a change in the way we look at life will earn us an upgrade in life, a good night's sleep,High energy, improving the immune system to quickly deal with diseases and inflammations. And also reaching a desired weight. The health indicators in the blood tests will improve and in the long run we will also lower the risk of a variety of unwanted diseases.

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