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brother Todsoft

Hand in hand for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle


Modern life presents us with almost impossible challenges when it comes to nutrition. Millions of people manage to lose weight, through dieting, but do not persist for long. "Brother LedSoft" offers another way.

In the "Ach Lederech" workshops we will not deal with calories, kilograms and menus. yes we will be able to say goodbye From the exhausting war and the constant preoccupation with food. forever.


We will focus on nutrition in 3 dimensions of eating: how to eat? when to eat why eat


The results along the way:

  • better health

  • High and stable energy

  • Better sleep

  • And the weight will be just fine. forever.

brother Todsoft

After completing 7 diets, I lost more than 100 kg cumulatively. But every time after I reached the desired weight, the weight came back quickly, and usually with interest! ​

At a young age I internalized that a negative caloric balance leads to weight loss. Sounds simple. No? Think it helped me? You were right! It didn't help at all!

With all the knowledge and instructions I would easily surrender to hot and fragrant pizza. The road back to weight gain was short.


Until I found a new way, a way to lose weight and maintain the right weight over time, through changing eating habits without menus and without weighing.

Green Goodness

 What is health ?
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Maimonides (1138-1204)

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